Treasure Crest EC Showflat and Pricing

The Treasure Crest EC development is being built now in Singapore. In the last five years or so there have been a plethora of commercial and residential building projects approved by the government of the island. The government has agreed to lease out more parcels of land as a means of boosting the building industry and meet the high demand for new housing. When these land parcels are put out to tender several companies or more can bid to win the 99 year lease and then build luxury and executive condos. In the case of the Treasure Crest development the winning bid came from Sim Lian. The site is near Sengkang at Anchorvale Crescent.

Treasure Crest EC Pricing

As far as Sim Lian were concerned there are plenty of things around Anchorvale Crescent, which will make owning a condo at Treasure Crest even more appealing to the majority of prospective buyers. When the tender was held for this land parcel was held all the bidding companies would have been aware that Sengkang Town itself would be redeveloped. Once the town is redeveloped the amenities and facilities within the local area will be further improved.

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The sheer quality and the luxury within each condo means that the confidence that the company has in selling them all will be well placed instead of an error of judgement. There will be roughly 500 condos up for sale, and these will go on presale prior to the whole project being completed. Prospective buyers will be able to book appointments to view a show flat, and then pick one to buy should they like what they have seen. With the elegance and the luxury contained within each condo the company is anticipating that those who view the show flats will go on to buy a condo.

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