The versatility of Bar Counters for The Showflat

The bar counter is regarded to be one of the popular things when it comes to kitchen design. It is estimated that more than 50% of homeowners renovating their homes want one. Moreover, it has been found to be effective in open-kitchen layouts. These are some of the great examples of how the bar counter can serve a wide range of purposes. The latest development that can be seen at Midtown Gardens which is a new development at Bugis. Midtown Gardens Condo will be for sale soon and is located at Tan Quee Lan Street.

Adding a bar counter offers a lot of benefits to your kitchen. Other than improving your dining experience, it is a great way of improving the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future. If counter space is a problem, then adding a counter bar for breakfast will give adequate space for cooking. You do not want to remodel your kitchen and then get stuck with the need for more space.

The truth is that your kitchen is a central point where you meet family members. If you are expecting guests, with a counter bar, you can accommodate them. Moreover, your guests will have a choice whether to stand or sit.

If you have young children in your home, you will like the idea of watching them over as you prep or cook food. You will find a counter bar being a great place for hanging together and preparing for the event.

Chat with Guests When Cooking Bar

The bar features a rustic-industrial design that extends above the work counter and kitchen sink. It hides messy food preparation and allows the chef to have a conversation with guests. Open shelving on outward-facing the bar is ideal for storing salt, pepper shakers, napkins, toothpicks, and other things you have been collecting for the kitchen.

Wake Up Smell Coffee Bar

This type of bar also doubles as the breakfast bar or the fourth wall of your enclosed kitchen whenever glass panels closed. Therefore, you can smell great tasting coffee when you wake up. A lot of homeowners are going for simple configuration to accommodate smells whenever necessary. Also, it opens up space.

Do Everything and Anything Bar

The classic 2-seater counter bar is perfect for midnight snacks, dinner, lunch, and breakfast. You can also read your newspaper or even work on your notebook. The truth is that there are many things you can do. Also, you may add glossy laminate that is easy to clean and chimes with powder-coated lighting and lamp design of the home.

Mum Home Bakery Bar

Ideally, this is a small bar counter that is suited for the open-concept kitchen. It can serve as storage space and preparation space and even accommodate a built-in oven. You are free to mix a lot of things as you get to chat with guests or family members in your living area. Also, you can freely watch TV as you cream butter and sugar. The bar allows you to store the stand mixer, baking trays, and bowls in the cabinet for added convenience.

Late Night Bar

A versatile wooden bar that offers you a great view of your stylish kitchen. In fact, the transparency of this faceless and legless bar is resonated in the ample light. It allows the light to pass through without any problem. It is a perfect thing for productive working, dining, and sipping beer into odd hours. You simply have a late-night bar in the luxury of your home.

Welcome-Home Bar

An L-shaped bar that is noticeable as you get into your house. It offers you the feeling that everything will be great at home. It is advisable to add pendant lights that provide a classic black and cozy glow, and it always looks clean and crisp.

Home Office Bar

The popularity of having ample co-working spaces that may seem to feel like offices, hipster apartments are getting homelier and cozier. The gorgeous space with a pantry looks like a kitchen. Moreover, it has bar with a sink and extension for brainstorming and snacking. With such offices, you do not feel like working late.

No matter the type of bar counter you like, you will need to hire a great interior designer to make it possible. You will be surprised to learn that the interior design has a lot to offer from mediocre to exotic. Fortunately, if you get a trusted recommendation, you are bound to make a sound decision. Interior designers can match your budget and your needs.

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