Northwave EC Gambas Hao Yuan Investment

Northwave Executive Condominiums are the premier living arrangement that offers residents a world class lifestyle unsurpassed by any other. The condominiums are located in Singapore in a highly sought after area of the city. Nearby are several shopping centres with the Causeway Point close by as well as the up and coming Northpoint City. Northwave is truly a unique residential development being managed by Hao Yuan Investment. There are a total of three hundred and ninety units as part of the development including a total area spanning over one hundred thirty three thousand square feet. The condominiums are assembled into the following configurations: two bedroom units; three bedroom units; three bedroom premium units; four bedroom; five bedroom units; as well as a six unit penthouse. These living arrangements are designed to meet the needs of all individuals as well as family members.

Northwave EC Woodlands Hao Yuan Investment

Northwave Executive Condominiums is easily accessible and offers residents unhindered passage way to major thorough fares leading across Singapore. This convenient highway will cut travel time significantly for those residents who choose to live in Northwave. Nothing could be more appealing than having convenient access to all amenities by way of a standard and efficient roadway. To add further luxury to the living experience, Northwave Condominiums will also feature swimming pools for relaxation as well as recreation for the whole family. However, the appeal does not end there. Northwave Condominiums will also have spectacular tennis courts, barbeque pits, and walking trails nearby.

North Wave Woodlands Hao Yuan

Northwave Executive Condominiums offers its residents a comfortable, clean, and luxurious living experience. The breathtaking scenery along with easily accessible routes to all of the major highways and shopping centres is sure to please residents. For those with children, unparalleled educational institutions are located nearby while more schools are scheduled to be constructed in the coming years.

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