Forestwood Residences Condo Lew Lian

The Forestwood Residences in Serangoon, District 19, is a leasehold for a period of 99 years. It is currently under a reserve list by the Government Land Sales program. There is a developer who has put up a bid of minimum description for the development itself. City Development Limited or CDL for short has been chosen as the developer of the winning bid and this is for the site that is located at the Lorong Lew Lian location. CDL is very experienced, when it comes to developing these kind of sites, as they are responsible for the development of some fellow sites. These fellow sites are no other than Bartley Ridge and Bartley Residences.

The landscape building of Forestwood Residences Condo will contain a swimming pool for all residents. There will also be a tennis court as well. Both of these amenities will be focused on residents who have families and will permit them to enjoy lots of awesome family time together doing these type of activities. What is also possibly in the works, as well, does include plans for an indoor and outdoor gym too.

What will be very ideal for all the residents of Forestwood Residences is very evident. They will now be able to enjoy some access to regular exercise right at the comfort of their own homes and where they are located specifically. Because of the overall connectivity, which the specific area does offer, and the large amount of experience that the CDL does have. The Forestwood Residence in Singapore has been drawing in lots of major attention from all over the place. The locale of Forestwood Residences is ideal for one reason and that reason is clear. Forestwood Residences is right next to the upcoming Bidadari region that is near the Nex Shopping Centre. There are sources which have revealed that Forestwood Residences will have 500 units, and due to high restrictions, may only be up to 13 stories high in height.

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