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Midtown Modern Condo Next Launch at Bugis MRT in Second Half 2020

Midtown Modern is a brand new development placed proper at the heart of Bugis Tan Quee Lan Street by using Guocoland. The web page turned into secured by means of Guocoland beneath the latest government land income tender where the pinnacle bid of $800.19 million turned into submitted by means of Guocoland. The smooth represents developer’s self assurance in correct placed plots of land and Midtown Modern is right on pinnacle of Bugis MRT Station. Midtown Modern with its location represents an opportunity for Guocoland to developer their signature improvement in a great area. Midtown Modern Guocoland is a exceedingly well known residential development as it’s far located right on the heart of Downtown Bugis. The development is located close to to many transportation alternatives close by and is without delay connected to Bugis MRT Station. District 07 is the following up and coming district that represents a cosmopolitan location wherein many prosperous people accumulate after their work and it is a strategic vicinity that is placed on the middle town centre. Midtown Modern appeals to proprietors who would really like to stay inside the middle city centre and yet provides a ancient touch to the amenities close by.

Midtown Modern Next to Bugis MRT Station Guocoland
Midtown Modern Next to Bugis MRT Station Guocoland

Midtown Modern Condo Located Right Next to Bugis Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore

Midtown Modern represents a convenient region to live at as it’s far located close to to many facilities together with amusement, ingesting, buying and lots of extra. The comfort of Bugis to all this facilities is extraordinary as Midtown Modern is just a few mins stroll or a quick force to those business outlets. Midtown Modern is likewise located right next to the most famous buying centres in Bugis which are Bugis Junction and Bugis+ that are popular a number of the office crowd as well as weekend shoppers.

With an incredible transportation near to Midtown Modern gadget that takes you anywhere in Singapore, Midtown Modern Guocoland Condo can be one of the most especially sough after traits as it hyperlinks to different places in Singapore without delay. It represents a centrally located improvement inside the coronary heart of the core metropolis centre Bugis this is popular a few of the office crowd and teens alike.

One element to word that for a improvement to be positioned close to to faculties is continually a plus factor is one is seeking out a improvement for very own live. This is one of the fundamental things that entice traders as well as proximity to colleges meant that there’s alot of comfort. District 07 is a mature estate and Bugis is well-known for many of the appropriate schools that are placed around the area as it’s miles mature estate and there are also many global schools located close to to Midtown Modern Condo as well. Some of these colleges are extraordinarily admired as they may be recognized to produce students with excessive educational excellence making it a extraordinarily fashionable place for domestic stayers.

Midtown Modern Located Near to Bugis Shophouses in the Core City Centre
Midtown Modern Located Near to Bugis Shophouses in the Core City Centre

Midtown Modern Bugis Located Next to Bugis Shophouses

Midtown Modern Tan Quee Lan Street is also positioned close to to many thematic cafes and eateries around the Bugis area. Bugis is thought to characteristic many circle of relatives owned restaurants located along the conservatory shophouses that offer a laid lower back sense as diners experience their dinner over a greater secure environment and provide an opportunity eating revel in. These meals choices are littered throughout Bugis and your family can get their dinner instead of cooking at home in case you dont experience like doing so.

Midtown Modern Bugis is also located subsequent to the Central Business District and represents unheard of comfort for citizens who paintings in Raffles Place, Marina Bay and City Call. The development is seamlessly related to these parts of Singapore thru public delivery inclusive of buses alongside Bugis and Bugis MRT Station. This way that Midtown Modern will be a fantastically trendy area for rental as expats and workplace employees will be trying to lease this unique plot of land subsequent to Bugis MRT Station.

Bugis Street Market is one of the greatest, least expensive, and likely most sultry spots to come shopping in the entire of Singapore. 50 years prior, this now popular shopping locale was better known for being a focal point of dingy nightlife.

Bugis has since a long time ago shaken off its ‘wicked’ side and become an exuberant center point of shopping, high end food, and popular bistros and bars which remain open long into the night. Bugis Street Market lies at the focal point, all things considered, – you can undoubtedly think that its privilege alongside the shopping centers close Bugis MRT Station.

Famous with the two local people and travelers, Bugis Street Market is notable for being perhaps the least expensive spot in Singapore for sourcing your gifts, adornments, garments, hardware, houseware, and beautifiers. A large number of the little knickknacks here, for example, keychains, postcards, and stationary are accessible from as meager as S$1.

There’s an entire scope of garments on offer at Midtown Modern Condo , as well. In spite of the fact that not actually Singapore’s most front line style hotspot, quality things for all preferences can be found at the market on the off chance that you look sufficiently hard. A couple of pants can interfere with you just S$15, shirts and T-shirts from S$10, shades and caps from S$5, and shoes from S$20.
As of late patched up, the rambling business sector at Midtown Modern location is presently totally secured, permitting customers to appreciate the deals – come what may. More than 800 shops of every kind imaginable additionally make this the greatest market in Singapore. The greater part of the slows down open ahead of schedule (around 11am), and remain open until the groups leave, which typically is around 10pm or 11pm on the ends of the week.

Midtown Modern Next to Bugis Street Market Located at Bugis MRT Station
Midtown Modern Next to Bugis Street Market Located at Bugis MRT Station

Likewise with any mainstream retail spot in Singapore, Bugis Street Market has a lot of eating choices to keep hungry customers fulfilled. Post for the fantastic crisp juice bar towards the middle (banana, coconut, pineapple, or melon from S$2) and there are a couple of different slows down selling seared bites, satays just as the odd noodle slow down. In case you’re searching for something progressively considerable, head to Albert Center market and nourishment focus at the back – a huge separate seller community that serves full dinners from around S$3.50.
Bugis Street Market is only a short stroll from Bugis MRT Station. Search for the red-roofed passageway or simply follow the groups in case you don’t know. For when the market gets excessively hot, there is likewise the cooler (however increasingly costly) Bugis+ shopping center nearby just as Bugis Junction inverse.

Midtown Modern Condo Located at Downtown Bugis Near to Bugis MRT Station

Midtown Modern Condo floor plans represents a signature development in Downtown Bugis this is distinctly famous inside the middle town centre. No different developments in the area comes even near this iconic improvement as it’s far at once linked to Bugis MRT Station. Future citizens might be available to travel to other components of Singapore consisting of City Hall or Tanjong Pagar thru the prevailing East-West Line this is placed proper beneath Midtown Modern Condo Guocoland. There also are a wide range of buses along Victoria Road, Rocher Road, North Bridge Road and Tan Quee Lan Street making the development directly linked.

For owners who are using in preference to taking public delivery from Bugis Tan Quee Lan Street, the development is likewise located close to to Central Expressway (CTE) as well as East Coast Parkway (ECP). Traveling to Toa Payoh, Jurong and Changi Airport is therefore very handy with a extensive range of transport nodes to be had.

Many of these faculties are placed subsequent to Midtown Modern Tan Quee Lan Street and getting access to to these faculties are a mere short while stroll or 5 mins drive away. Lesser time is consequently needed to take your youngsters to school and the children will have extra relaxation or reach home early and feature extra activities. The dad and mom additionally do now not ought to rush domestic ordinary from paintings and timings may be a bit extra bendy.

The number of schools which are placed inside the mature metropolis of Bugis consequently are aplenty and represents a perfect location to name home. Midtown Modern Condo is also positioned near to many preschool and enrichment centres and therefore represents an ideal place to stay. For owners who’re searching out tertiary schooling around Bugis, Singapore Management University (SMU) is likewise placed beside Midtown Modern and this means additionally a super location to rent out your unit to tenants who are working in SMU.

Midtown Modern Condo is one of the most iconic improvement that is positioned in Bugis by Guocoland and Bugis is domestic to a number of the buying centres that could be a favourite among the locals and office crowd. These buying centres supplied a all-rounded experience for customers as the buying centres have a wide variety of shops that cater to specific customers. There also are many different offerings supplied at purchasing centres near to Midtown Modern Location such as healthcare stores and the modern fashion shops. The buying centres essentially caters to the entire mall enjoy from purchasing, eating, healthcare, style and groceries. Everything that a buyer is seeking out may be discovered at those shopping centres making it the ideal area to unwind and kick back together with your own family and friends during the weekend.

Iconic Shopping Centres Located Near to Bugis Junction and Other Shopping Centres
Iconic Shopping Centres Located Near to Bugis Junction and Other Shopping Centres

One of the iconic shopping centres this is positioned close to to Midtown Modern Location in Bugis Junction. The shopping centre has been right here for the reason that early tiers of Bugis and is the selection play to collect with your buddies and associates as there may be a entire range of buying stores available in the improvement. From groceries stores which include Cold Storage to meals stores which includes Food Junction and Crystal Jade, Bugis Junction function the only-stop vicinity to your family to acquire. There are also many dessert stores and cafe located at Bugis Junction to cater to your buddies for a fast chat as properly. Bugis Junction is also a completely unique shopping centre whereby the roof is clearly made from glass allowing customers to store in a air-conditioned surroundings however yet having the ability see the daylight. There also are many push carts at Bugis Junction making it a unique buying experience.

Bugis+ is a exceedingly new shopping center that caters greater to the younger crowd that is placed close to to Midtown Modern Guocoland. Bugis+ is also a state-of-the-art iconic buying centre because of its region and is immediately related to Bugis Junction. The shopping center consists of many exciting F&B choices together with steamboat and signature korean dishes and still have a big selection of favor to cater to the younger and ultra-modern.

Midtown Modern Located at Bugis Junction Close to Hawker Centres
Midtown Modern Located at Bugis Junction Close to Hawker Centres

Bugis is a mature property however at the equal time has been acknowledged to be popular among young adults in addition to the younger office crowd as it has a wide array of options to cater to the customers in Bugis. One of the primary reasons by Bugis is so unique is that there are numerous family owned thematic cafes which are positioned inside the first floor of among the conservation shophouses around the vicinity. These cafes are not the typical espresso chain stores and many of them are own family owned that provides a greater non-public touch to the eating options to be had in thee cafes. These cafes function a completely unique pick out of Bugis and those can’t be visible in other parts of Singapore. Bugis is likewise recognized to be a meals haven as there are numerous family themed restaurants within the shophouses as nicely. Please see Midtown Modern pricing details as well for more information. For shoppers who prefer neighborhood signature dishes. There also are many hawker centres that serve local dishes at low charges and a lot of these shops had been in Singapore for a long term and stood the take a look at of time. Some of the signature dishes served at North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre, Golden Mile Food Centre and Albert Street Food Centre encompass Laksa, Yong Dau Foo and Indian Prata. These makes Midtown Modern Tan Quee Lan Street place an exceptional improvement to seize your meal after their work and return domestic after paintings.

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café is positioned right on the heart of Bugis and serves one of the excellent Swabian delicacies at Midtown Modern Guocoland. Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg is south west Germany and the cafe could be very popular among German meals fanatics. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café additionally serve their signature wine from their wine cellars which have a completely lengthy records courting all of the way again to eleventh Century. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café serves many signature dishes including their famous pork knuckle that is an critical a part of German dishes and culture. There also are signature Specialty Sausages and Burgers which can be served inside the cafe.

Twenty Eight Cafe is some other thematic cafe that is placed in the coronary heart of Bugis close to to Midtown Modern. The cafe is a Italian Restaurant that concentrate on strong point coffee brews and brunch items. The cafe is an great choice for espresso lovers in addition to lunch conferences and for college kids as there are many charging ports located within the cafe making it the correct region to behavior some casual meetings over espresso or lunch. Twenty Eight Cafe is a delight to visit at some stage in the day when the entire space is packed with natural daylight because the theme of the cafe is to allow a brighter placing into the cafe to create a extra comfortable atmosphere. They take delight of their coffee as their coffee beans are especially decided on from overseas region which include Indonesia and roasted in Bali. Italian meals fanatics also can locate their favored signature pastas located at Twenty Eight Cafe as well.

The Cafe cafe is some other signature road in Bugis close to to Midtown Modern this is famous among children specially cat lovers. The cafe offers a completely unique aggregate of espresso, pasteuries and cats. The cat cafe homes some of resident cats which can be previously strays and have considering the fact that been taken over the cafe. Now, the cats live within the cafe and customers can enjoy their preferred drink at a at ease environment and experience the corporation of these cats.

The versatility of Bar Counters for The Showflat

The bar counter is regarded to be one of the popular things when it comes to kitchen design. It is estimated that more than 50% of homeowners renovating their homes want one. Moreover, it has been found to be effective in open-kitchen layouts. These are some of the great examples of how the bar counter can serve a wide range of purposes. The latest development that can be seen at Midtown Gardens which is a new development at Bugis. Midtown Gardens Condo will be for sale soon and is located at Tan Quee Lan Street.

Adding a bar counter offers a lot of benefits to your kitchen. Other than improving your dining experience, it is a great way of improving the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future. If counter space is a problem, then adding a counter bar for breakfast will give adequate space for cooking. You do not want to remodel your kitchen and then get stuck with the need for more space.

The truth is that your kitchen is a central point where you meet family members. If you are expecting guests, with a counter bar, you can accommodate them. Moreover, your guests will have a choice whether to stand or sit.

If you have young children in your home, you will like the idea of watching them over as you prep or cook food. You will find a counter bar being a great place for hanging together and preparing for the event.

Chat with Guests When Cooking Bar

The bar features a rustic-industrial design that extends above the work counter and kitchen sink. It hides messy food preparation and allows the chef to have a conversation with guests. Open shelving on outward-facing the bar is ideal for storing salt, pepper shakers, napkins, toothpicks, and other things you have been collecting for the kitchen.

Wake Up Smell Coffee Bar

This type of bar also doubles as the breakfast bar or the fourth wall of your enclosed kitchen whenever glass panels closed. Therefore, you can smell great tasting coffee when you wake up. A lot of homeowners are going for simple configuration to accommodate smells whenever necessary. Also, it opens up space.

Do Everything and Anything Bar

The classic 2-seater counter bar is perfect for midnight snacks, dinner, lunch, and breakfast. You can also read your newspaper or even work on your notebook. The truth is that there are many things you can do. Also, you may add glossy laminate that is easy to clean and chimes with powder-coated lighting and lamp design of the home.

Mum Home Bakery Bar

Ideally, this is a small bar counter that is suited for the open-concept kitchen. It can serve as storage space and preparation space and even accommodate a built-in oven. You are free to mix a lot of things as you get to chat with guests or family members in your living area. Also, you can freely watch TV as you cream butter and sugar. The bar allows you to store the stand mixer, baking trays, and bowls in the cabinet for added convenience.

Late Night Bar

A versatile wooden bar that offers you a great view of your stylish kitchen. In fact, the transparency of this faceless and legless bar is resonated in the ample light. It allows the light to pass through without any problem. It is a perfect thing for productive working, dining, and sipping beer into odd hours. You simply have a late-night bar in the luxury of your home.

Welcome-Home Bar

An L-shaped bar that is noticeable as you get into your house. It offers you the feeling that everything will be great at home. It is advisable to add pendant lights that provide a classic black and cozy glow, and it always looks clean and crisp.

Home Office Bar

The popularity of having ample co-working spaces that may seem to feel like offices, hipster apartments are getting homelier and cozier. The gorgeous space with a pantry looks like a kitchen. Moreover, it has bar with a sink and extension for brainstorming and snacking. With such offices, you do not feel like working late.

No matter the type of bar counter you like, you will need to hire a great interior designer to make it possible. You will be surprised to learn that the interior design has a lot to offer from mediocre to exotic. Fortunately, if you get a trusted recommendation, you are bound to make a sound decision. Interior designers can match your budget and your needs.

Changi Airport Singapore

Do you know it is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia? Have you ever heard about the busy airport? There is no doubt that it is the busiest civilian airport in Singapore. Over the years, this airport has been rated the best in the world. In fact, this is the 7th consecutive time. With that in mind, you can imagine the services they must be offering to receive that rating. This airport has emerged as the first airport in the world to ever receive that rating.

Tourist Numbers at Changi Airport

If you have toured this airport, you can agree with me that indeed it has everything to be crowned the busiest airport in terms of traffic. Where is it located? It is found at the eastern end of Singapore. Actually, you will just take a few minutes to get to the airport from Marina Bay. Who operates this airport? The local airport group is responsible for all daily activities at this airport. It ensures the smooth running of the airport. The new development at Pasir Ris Central by Allgreen Properties is located near to Changi Airport and Tampines Town.

Airlines Available at Changi Airport

It is good to know that this airport served over 60 million passengers in 2018. This means that it was 19th busiest airport in the world. For the last couple of years, it has been serving more than 100 airlines in the world. According to the managing authority, approximately 200,000 passengers use this airport in a day. Away from that, it has emerged as the busiest cargo airport in Asia. The journey to be the best airport in the world has not been very easy. They have won numerous awards under multiple categories. Thanks to management.

Over the years, we have witnessed the rapid development of infrastructure at the airport. Several terminals have been built to cope up with the rising traffic in this airport. In fact, the management group aims to increase its traffic by 2020. That is the reason why they have increased their quality standards in service delivery.

Terminals at Changi Airport

This airport has five main terminals. Unlike many airports, all its terminals are arranged in U shape. What was the essence of the planning? It was all about accessibility. Originally, it was designed to hold about 85 million passengers in a year. In addition, they have a private luxury terminal. Who can use this terminal? Do you love traveling in private aircraft? You will be able to use this terminal when you pay an access fee. All in all, this airport has everything to be the best in the world.

One Holland Village Condo Commons Square Located at Holland Village MRT Station

A group of companies led by Far East Organization have won a plum residential and commercial site tender in Holland Road. The bid that won the site was $1.213 Billion. Urban Development Authority gave the companies a leasehold of 99 years. The winners were five of the bidders who had the highest bids in the dual-envelope (concept and price) propositions. There were a total of fifteen bids which were done by ten companies. Three of the companies submitted two proposals. Whereas, Far East-led Partnership made three proposals. The tenders had different concepts on each submission.

Far East Organization One Holland Village Condo

The bids were submitted in two different envelopes. The concept proposal envelopes were opened on the closure of the tender. URA then released the names of the bidders but withheld the bidding prices. A Concept Evaluation Committee (CEC) evaluated the proposals. After the closure of the tender. The bidders presented their proposals to the committee. Five of the concepts met the criteria used for evaluation by the CEC. The shortlisted companies would then undergo a second evaluation.

One Holland Village by URA Located at Holland Village MRT Station

It’s in this second evaluation stage that the price envelopes were opened for One Holland Village Commons Square. The site was awarded to five companies which had the highest bids. URA released a report on Wednesday evening stating that the five tenderers were shortlisted. The applicants had impressive development concepts. The architectural designs also responded well with the site’s plan. The schemes took an appropriate and selective reference to the site’s context. This is visible in their building plans and also architectural designs. The results were an extension of the existing character of Holland Village.

From the tenders also, the companies maintained an excellent human-scale environment. The scale is well designed along with the pedestrian streets. This creates a quality landscaping and also active street frontages. The public spaces on their plans also were attractive an well spaced for public events. Also, the tenderers have a good track record. They show a good command in developing, designing and also producing good quality developments. Their projects are well spread across Singapore or oversea. Their capabilities satisfy planning and designing for any public developments.

One Holland Village Condo Zones Communal Green and Commons Square

The building designs allow the development to blend well with the Holland Village. The building of this development is laid out according to the Holland Village streets grid. The public spaces on their plans show an impressive street experience. The drawings resemble Holland’s village existing experiences. The designs have three zones which are divided to offer public spaces on the ground floor. The three zones are:

Communal green. – This is a courtyard with shops heading to a water court. It also has a terraced water construction.

Commons square. – The zone can host any outdoor events.

Pocket park. – The zone opens up to Lorong Mambong.

In the construction stage, walkways will be put in place to connect the public spaces to any surrounding areas. The street designs will extend Lorong Liput and Lorong Mambong to any future developments.

Fourth Avenue Residences High Class Facilities at Bukit Timah

Fourth Avenue Residencies is a development project owned by the giant Singapore-based Singapore real state company Allgreen Properties. Allgreen Properties has a wide, amazing portfolio of residential properties, many of which are located at the center of the city. The company is known for its superb selling and for developing amazing construction projects. The development project was acquired by Allgreen Properties for a bid value of $553M.

The Location of Fourth Avenue Residences

Fourth Avenue Residencies Condo is located at the center of Six Avenue MRT, just alongside Bukit Timah Road at Bukit Timah Residential Enclave Road. It is one of the largest residential projects on Singapore. Near the residencies, there’s the Fourth Avenue MRT Station, a shopping mall, and four different schools. The place is unique because of its advantageous location, right at the center of the city and near the MRT station. Traveling to other parts of Singapore from the Fourth Avenue Residencies will also be easy because of fast access to the roads of Dunearn and Bukit Timah.

Fourth Avenue Residences High Class Facilities

The Fourth Avenue Residencies is considered as one of the largest residential projects in the city. Fourth Avenue Residences are an upscale development for the metropolitan individual with many schools and amenities nearby. The residencies will also have various amenities on their own, which includes facilities like an indoor gym, swimming pool, tennis court, BBQ area, and children playground. The high-class residencies will offer a luxurious, resort-like lifestyle for you and your family.

Fourth Avenue Residences Floor Plans at Bukit Timah

Floorplans are still subjected to change, however, early developments are aiming to residencies with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Some of the bedrooms will face Bukit Timah Road, while others will face the Dunearn Road. Bukit Timah is a large town located at the middle of the island-nation of Singapore. It’s the highest natural point of the nation, with its tallest hill covered in greenery and tropical rainforest. It’s also a site of incredible natural beauty, resources, and natural reserve.

The town is considered one of the most attractive places to visit in the island, and its land has a very high value as well. The area is full of expensive condos owned by influential people from Asia and from Singapore. The region has the best education system in Singapore, a country already revered for its education system. Both public and private schools, most of them international, have earned a top place in their country and on the continent.

The Tapestry Condo by City Developments Limited

The Tapestry Condo is an elegant and stylish condos designed to suit the needs of residents fully. The condos are being developed by one of the most reputable developers in the market with intensive experience in real estate building, City Developments Limited (CDL). Tapestry Condos are under a leasehold private development and they are being sold at competitive rates. The houses feature different layouts to cater for the preferences of different customers.

The Tapestry Condo by City Developments Limited

The condos sit on an area of 233,767 sqft and the Developments Limited plan will feature approximately 800 units. One of the aspects that make the condo suitable is its location Temasek Polytechnic and Bedok Reservoir. Furthermore the site is the last plat of land near Bedok Reservoir and residents will be able to access numerous water sports activities on the site.

Tapestry Condo boasts of a functional layout and a well-designed floor plan that makes it easy to access to all areas.

The Tapestry CDL features high end facilities including a 50m swimming pool, indoor gym, function room, tennis court, guard house, clubhouse, children’s playground, BBQ pits and a sun deck. There are also plans to build a childcare center making it suitable for families with children.

Amenities are extremely important when it comes to choosing a place to live. You want to be able to be comfortable while also not having to provide too many of those yourself. I’m glad to say that the Tapestry Condo comes with a lot of amazing amenities. You’ll be able to lounge by their swimming pool or lift some weights in their indoor gym. Your children will also be pleased with the addition of a playground! For all of your family gatherings, you can gather around the condo’s outdoor BBQ and enjoy a meal.

The Tapestry is a short drive to the Tampines Hub which is a lifestyle hub of its own with many programmes and facilities serving different age groups and class of people. It has a hawker center, club programmes and friendly features which aim to promote the city. It brings together the residents around the Tampines and Simei area and it also hosts two sports activities including the 4 tennis court and the 1 hockey court.

It is also located near educational Institutions including St. Hilda’s Primary and Secondary School and Temasek Polytechnic which is the third polytechnic in Singapore with approximately 12,000 students. It offers a wide range of courses to the students who are aspiring to go to university and to those are working.
The Tapestry Condo comes with living spaces that include three, four or five bedrooms. You can also select which facing you would prefer: one overlooking the Tampines Avenue 10 and the other overlooking Tampines Street 86. Either guarantees an amazing view for you to enjoy while you sip your morning coffee or tea. However, just be aware that if you select a condo on the 6th floor or below, you’ll experience a partially blocked view. Feel free to contact The Tapestry Condo for more information on the floor plans.

The Tapestry Condo CDL

Bedok Reservoir- The condos are located next to the Bedok Reservoir which is known for having numerous water activities including sailing, kayaking and canoeing. There is also a jogging track where you can jog or ride a bike after a long day’s work. A fitness station and playground is also near the site making the condos suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

Temasek Polytechnic- Temasek Polytechnic is also near the development and residents can access quality education without having to move a long way. Temasek Polytechnic is the third polytechnic in Singapore and it offers a wide range of courses including graduate diplomas, broader courses for people aspiring to join university programs and specific courses for working professionals.

The Tapestry Condo Tampines Avenue 10 Condo

The design of Tapestry Condo considers the requirements of its residents from every conceivable angle. The development offers an attractive combination of numerous amenities, connectivity, attractive pricing and proximity to institutions.

Orchard Road Singapore Shopping District

Orchard Road is Asia’s most famous shopping street. It is a 2.2 km long boulevard and is the home of retail and entertainment. This area is a major tourist attraction point in Singapore. Orchard road was refurbished by budget amounting to $40 in the year 2009 with more additional street lights, street tiling and flower poles. Orchard Road covers around 222 acres of land.

Orchard Road Singapore Shopping District

It got its name from fruit orchards and plantations the road was leading to, famous in the 19th century. The road became one way street in 1974. What makes Orchard Road famous? This long road is lined on the sides by malls. Anything you would ever wish to find is all in one, “Orchard Road”. Many hotels here offer plenty of top quality accommodation options. The whole street extend is served by three MRT stations. Orchard Road is also near to many developments by Roxy Homes.

Orchard Road Near to Grange Road

Tangs was the first shop to be founded here in 1934 and later instituted in the 1950s. This place is bounded by hotels, shopping centers, coffee cafes, nightclubs, aggressively competitive restaurants etc. Among the famous shopping places in Orchard stretch are:
1. ION Orchard: Which is the newest in Singapore opened in 2009
2. Orchard Point, Towers, Central and Gateway
3. Ngee Ann City shoppers and dining place: it is the largest and opened in 1993
4. Lucky Plaza: sells majorly products from Philippines.
5. Plaza Singapura: Was opened in 1974. Renovated thrice since its inauguration.
6. Wisma Atria
7. Paragon Shopping Center.
8. Tang Plaza
9. Hilton Singapore etc.
These beautiful scenes offers anything one would ever wish to have ranging from entertainment, hotels, shopping places etc.

Orchard Road MRT Station Prime District

The Orchard Road starts at the junction in Orange Grove Road and then stretches south-east and ends. From north of the Singapore River, to the west of the CBD, the road heads Basah Road as it leads east. The plan to this road was already laid in 1830s after which it was followed by prevailed nutmeg plantations and fruit orchards from which the road gained its name. There was spread of great houses and privately owned bungalows and later graveyards appeared along the road.

Challenges that faced Orchard Road: the road faced a major flood in 2010 affecting shopping malls and car park basements. Luckily, the road was raised to an average of about 300mm as a future flood preventive mechanism. Three major MRT stations serve these vicinity namely: Somerset station, Dhoby Ghaut station and Orchard MRT station.

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Indicative Pricing Information for Hundred Palms Residences

An Ideal and classy home is every family’s hope and dream. This dream has been made realistic and achievable by the construction of Hundred Palms Residences that is located in District 9 in the Yio Chu Kang area. This is because of the various number of social amenities developed in the regions surrounding the residence. Now lets take a closer look into the details of this development project.

Yio Chu Kang Hundred Palms Residences EC Prices

These are highly sort after condos since they are the first to be developed around this region by Hoi Hup Realty. It is a 99 year leasehold project that covers approximately 51,584 square miles and a total of 560 units. Majority of the units are 3 bedrooms since they are more affordable and will incur less taxation. This will make up to 70% of the development project.
Also available for sale are 4 and 5 bedroom units for those groups of people with extended families. Please see the attached for more pricing information with regards to the development.

Indicative Pricing for District 19 Properties in Singapore

A large number of amenities are located close to Hundred Palms Residences. This would explain the massive bids that the land developers of this project have attained so far. For example, many prestigious international schools have been located around it and these include Rosyth School, Xinmin primary and also Xinmin secondary schools, just to mention a few. Plenty of commercial shops within Hougang 1 shopping center also make it very ideal for residence. A central bus interchange and also a MRT station are not far away from this projects reach. This is to mention but a few of the many interesting places that are a walk away from the Hundred Palms Residences. Great facilities have been constructed here at the Hundred Palms Residences.

Hundred Palms Residences EC at Yio Chu Kang

They generally include the likes of a tennis court, BBQ area, an indoor gym, swimming pool and also a children’s playground. In order to cater for different buyers, different layouts may be used for different family sizes. This is to provide you and your family with a luxurious lifestyle at the Yio Chu Kang district. The Hundred Palms Residences mainly consist of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms units which are readily available. There will be two categories of facing and that is Yio Chu Kang facing and Hougang Ave 9 facing. Units with six floors or more will be able to have an unblocked view as a general rule.

However, most of the units in this development project will be 3 bedroom units since it is usually the most appealing among HBD up-graders and also first time buyers. Buyers who are looking for a bigger space in their homes or have extended families, may be interested in the 4 and 5 bedroom units that are available as well. This is no doubt a must have residential home that is serenely located to suit all your family needs.
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Martin Modern Price by Guocoland Great World City

GuocoLand submitted a bid for a luxury housing site that will be built in River Valley. The bid was of S$595.1 million, according to the URA. The tender happened yesterday attracting tons of interests from many developers out there. The 99-year rented site was launched on April 28 from the GLS`s Confirmed List and Martin Modern Pricing is to be announced closer to the showflat viewing date. It also has a 2.8 plot ratio sitting on around 171,535sqft. Developers can build around 450 housing units in this lot, as it has a 480,307sqft of maximum gross floor area that is permitted. A GuocoLand`s subsidiary called Fist Bedok Land put the top bid beating 12 others translating to an important S$1,239 psf just per plot ratio.

Martin Modern Pricing for Guocoland

Bid auction reflected a lot of interest from developers, as it had 13 bid, according to Mr. Nicholas Mak who is the head of consultancy and research at SLP IPC. Excluding any land parcel sold at the beautiful Sentosa Cove, the top bid that was submitted for this site was the highest for any GLS site since the year 2009. There is a fierce competition in this important tender, and developers know about it. The bid has to be bullish in order for it to win in this tender, according to Mr Mak. The pricing for the development will be announced soon.

Martin Modern Condo Price PSF

Both URA and SLP International data showed that Hoi Hup just paid S$1,157 psf just for the site that is placed in a 593-unit development in Sophia Hill at Mount Sophia in 2013. The famous parcel in River Valley land is placed in a resident area that is truly well established which is just some minutes away from the important station called Great World MTR that will be erected in the future. The residential space might be something between S$1,910 psf and S$1,850 psf, Mr. Mark said. There are many cooling measures that the government has put in place for this project, and top bidders are expected it to relax these measures over time for the project, Mr. Mark also stated.

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Hundred Palms Residences Hoi Hup Realty New EC

Hundred Palms EC, as the name says, is a nourishment, added to your living. This is planned to be made near Hougang MRT Station, which has every facility of a Shopping Centre, Primary School (Rosyth School), and Serangoon Junior College; to make your living worthy enough to breathe with comfort and live with elegance. Hundred Palms Residences EC has received a tender of 99-years in Yio Chu Kang. Being one the highly sought after Condos, it’s assumed to be the best residential area, having almost all the modern and required amenities, nearby.

Hundred Palms Residences Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore

The most noticeable thing in that area was that all the houses were a 3-bedroom unit, which made all the plan of Hundred Palms fall much more towards the side of a 3-bedroom unit. This has made the Hundred Palms to boom in the market, which has made almost all the room in the area go sold. Hoi Hup Realty, the official builders of Hundred Palms Hoi Hup Realty, have decided to get done with the 4 and 5-bedroom units once the 3-bedroom units are all filled. This will increase the demand of the Hundred Palms Yio Chu Kang and also will boost its knowingness among people. This is a new EC launching in Singapore around June 2017.

Hundred Palms EC Hoi Hup Realty

When it comes to the location of this residential area, there is no scope of improvement left in taking the comfort of the residents to a next level. The MRT station is close-by, which will enable the residents to commute at their own convenience. Hundred Palms new EC location is also very much perfect for the buyers as there are a number of schools present in that area, such as Bowen Secondary School, Rosyth School, Xinmin Primary School, and Xinmin Secondary School. Not just schools, but also Serangoon Junior College is nearby. Bringing in the household and lifestyle, the Shopping Centre is also near, in the heart of Yio Chu and Hougang.

Schools near Hundred Palms Hoi Hup

To add a cherry on the top of the comfort that Hundred Palms prices are quite affordable and is providing, amenities like a swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, playground, and barbecue area is designed. Well, this will definitely be a spot to live in, keeping aside your worries and emotions, be here! This is something that not just you, but also your family will praise you for.
When it comes to the floor-plans, Hundred Palms residences in Yio Chu Kang consists of 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom units which are presently available. But based on a survey done, it’s found that the residents in the Yio Chu Kang are mostly preferring houses with 3-bedrooms (as previously said) and thus the builders of Hundred Palms EC have decided to sell the 3-bedroom units first and then move on to the rest. The 4 and 5-bedder units are only available to the buyers who have an extended family and as well as the buyers which are looking forward to getting some extra space.
You can find more information related to Hundred Palms residence here!

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