Browse Month: November 2019

Changi Airport Singapore

Do you know it is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia? Have you ever heard about the busy airport? There is no doubt that it is the busiest civilian airport in Singapore. Over the years, this airport has been rated the best in the world. In fact, this is the 7th consecutive time. With that in mind, you can imagine the services they must be offering to receive that rating. This airport has emerged as the first airport in the world to ever receive that rating.

Tourist Numbers at Changi Airport

If you have toured this airport, you can agree with me that indeed it has everything to be crowned the busiest airport in terms of traffic. Where is it located? It is found at the eastern end of Singapore. Actually, you will just take a few minutes to get to the airport from Marina Bay. Who operates this airport? The local airport group is responsible for all daily activities at this airport. It ensures the smooth running of the airport. The new development at Pasir Ris Central by Allgreen Properties is located near to Changi Airport and Tampines Town.

Airlines Available at Changi Airport

It is good to know that this airport served over 60 million passengers in 2018. This means that it was 19th busiest airport in the world. For the last couple of years, it has been serving more than 100 airlines in the world. According to the managing authority, approximately 200,000 passengers use this airport in a day. Away from that, it has emerged as the busiest cargo airport in Asia. The journey to be the best airport in the world has not been very easy. They have won numerous awards under multiple categories. Thanks to management.

Over the years, we have witnessed the rapid development of infrastructure at the airport. Several terminals have been built to cope up with the rising traffic in this airport. In fact, the management group aims to increase its traffic by 2020. That is the reason why they have increased their quality standards in service delivery.

Terminals at Changi Airport

This airport has five main terminals. Unlike many airports, all its terminals are arranged in U shape. What was the essence of the planning? It was all about accessibility. Originally, it was designed to hold about 85 million passengers in a year. In addition, they have a private luxury terminal. Who can use this terminal? Do you love traveling in private aircraft? You will be able to use this terminal when you pay an access fee. All in all, this airport has everything to be the best in the world.