One Holland Village Condo Commons Square Located at Holland Village MRT Station

A group of companies led by Far East Organization have won a plum residential and commercial site tender in Holland Road. The bid that won the site was $1.213 Billion. Urban Development Authority gave the companies a leasehold of 99 years. The winners were five of the bidders who had the highest bids in the dual-envelope (concept and price) propositions. There were a total of fifteen bids which were done by ten companies. Three of the companies submitted two proposals. Whereas, Far East-led Partnership made three proposals. The tenders had different concepts on each submission.

Far East Organization One Holland Village Condo

The bids were submitted in two different envelopes. The concept proposal envelopes were opened on the closure of the tender. URA then released the names of the bidders but withheld the bidding prices. A Concept Evaluation Committee (CEC) evaluated the proposals. After the closure of the tender. The bidders presented their proposals to the committee. Five of the concepts met the criteria used for evaluation by the CEC. The shortlisted companies would then undergo a second evaluation.

One Holland Village by URA Located at Holland Village MRT Station

It’s in this second evaluation stage that the price envelopes were opened for One Holland Village Commons Square. The site was awarded to five companies which had the highest bids. URA released a report on Wednesday evening stating that the five tenderers were shortlisted. The applicants had impressive development concepts. The architectural designs also responded well with the site’s plan. The schemes took an appropriate and selective reference to the site’s context. This is visible in their building plans and also architectural designs. The results were an extension of the existing character of Holland Village.

From the tenders also, the companies maintained an excellent human-scale environment. The scale is well designed along with the pedestrian streets. This creates a quality landscaping and also active street frontages. The public spaces on their plans also were attractive an well spaced for public events. Also, the tenderers have a good track record. They show a good command in developing, designing and also producing good quality developments. Their projects are well spread across Singapore or oversea. Their capabilities satisfy planning and designing for any public developments.

One Holland Village Condo Zones Communal Green and Commons Square

The building designs allow the development to blend well with the Holland Village. The building of this development is laid out according to the Holland Village streets grid. The public spaces on their plans show an impressive street experience. The drawings resemble Holland’s village existing experiences. The designs have three zones which are divided to offer public spaces on the ground floor. The three zones are:

Communal green. – This is a courtyard with shops heading to a water court. It also has a terraced water construction.

Commons square. – The zone can host any outdoor events.

Pocket park. – The zone opens up to Lorong Mambong.

In the construction stage, walkways will be put in place to connect the public spaces to any surrounding areas. The street designs will extend Lorong Liput and Lorong Mambong to any future developments.